Big Brother is Watching



It has been known for a while that Ambulance Victoria (AV) are watching their staff.

On the eve of bans allowing staff to speak out over issues affecting ambulance AV enacted some of the most draconian social media policies you could imagine in an attempt to silence their staff.

When that had limited effect, they started disciplining, and even terminating the employment of some of those who dared to speak out.

The truth of statements was irrelevant to the HR warriors who were conducting the inquisitions, their only requirement that it may offend one of their managers.

It seems to matter not the offence suffered by their staff when they have been slandered, insulted and demonized in the press, on some occasions at the cost of many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Well it has come out than now they have released a senior manager from his usual duties to supervise the trolling through of paramedics internet and social media accounts with the apparent intent of further vilifying anyone who dares to offend the latte sipping elite of AV management.

This is an organisation that claims it cannot get staff to work on the road to fill vacant shifts, which contribute to the delays the public of Victoria suffer every day when they call an ambulance.

But it seems to be able to employ people to “stalk” paramedics on the internet, to make sure they are “towing the company line.”

And if this manager can be released to oversee this online stalking of paramedics, then just how vital was his work in any event, would the resources being directed to “stalking” their staff not be better directed to staffing ambulances on the road, responding to Victorians.

Some of whom have died waiting!

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One Response to Big Brother is Watching

  1. Sharon Fell says:

    If you don’t want to be demonised, all you have to say is “allegedly”. I realise that’s not the point of this post, and please believe I am behind the paramedics 100%. I hate that you guys are under so much pressure in a horribly high pressure job, then have to fight your management, the public, politicians and what seems like the rest of the world. You’re not alone. People are behind you, though you may not know it. Some of us are grateful for the time you give up in 12, 16, sometimes 24 hour shifts. Some of us are horrified at the lack of respect and backing you are being shown by the very people who are supposed to have your back, who’s only sight of blood would be a papercut while having their 8 hour lunchbreaks. I hope that maybe this helps a little, because I am sick to the back teeth of seeing you maligned, pilloried, hung, drawn and quartered for doing the best job you can.

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