A hard line left wing unionist?????

Posted by a paramedic and mother on Facebook. A very poignant post that I thought others may like to read.
I hope she wont mind.

But paramedics are just people too, not the demons some would have you believe.



PM“Yesterday, as all in FB land must know, was Mother’s Day. I was rostered to work a 10 hour shift from 7am to 5pm. Rosters called me at 8pm on Saturday night and asked me to work 8am to 6pm instead as this was the shift that needed to be covered. I agreed, despite knowing that my sleepy little munchkins would not be awake before I left for work. We cleared a hospital at around 6.10pm last night and I was keen to get home to my babies before they went to bed, my partner was keen to get home, too. At 6.15pm we were dispatched to another job – I can honestly say that tears of frustration and sadness pricked at my eyes as I pictured my family eating dinner without me and my kids going to bed without the opportunity of wishing me a happy Mother’s Day or giving me the gifts they had so carefully picked out at the Mother’s Day stall. We attended the case and I must thank the DTM who (at my request) backed us with another vehicle to transport the patient to hospital so that we could go home. I arrived home at 8pm – after my kids bed time. The two eldest had waited up, my son in particular was anxious that he wouldn’t see me at all yesterday. My three year old couldn’t hold out and had fallen asleep on the couch, her carefully wrapped gift waiting on the table. I spent 15 minutes with my older two, snuggling and exclaiming over their precious gifts, then ushered them off to bed – if they start the week tired the whole week is a write off! 15 minutes with my family and Mother’s Day was over. I tell you all of this not because I want your sympathy, but to try to illustrate the sacrifice that your Ambo’s make to provide a service to the Victorian Community. I worked yesterday – a Sunday, Mother’s Day – for just over $36 an hour. That’s after 15 years working as a Victorian Paramedic; our wage maxes out of 6 years service. That’s less than any other Paramedic in Australia. It’s not a great year for me; I also worked Easter Sunday and my birthday. I am rostered to work on my son’s birthday, my youngest daughter’s birthday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day 2015. Unlucky, huh? At the very least, Victorian Ambo’s deserve pay parity with other Australian states. It wouldn’t have got me home any earlier yesterday, but it would show that Victorian Paramedics – the job they do, the sacrifices they make – are valued. It would be a little extra money in my bank to take the kids to do something nice to make up for missing Mother’s Day. We’ve been fighting for 2 years with no progress. It’s time for this EBA to be settled. Value your Ambo’s.

I’m told that AV are trawling social media, looking for posts relating to the EBA. Some of my colleagues have been berated or disciplined for posting on FB. We are not usually permitted to speak publicly about the conditions of our job, but during this EBA, Fair Work Australia have declared that we have the right to do so under protected industrial action. So to any trawlers reading my post, I believe that I have done so honestly, fairly and legally.”

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  1. Flergan Blergan says:

    Free Speech to those who deserve better pay, better conditions at work but most of all a Work Life Balance to enjoy your family.

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