Baby Paramedics

baby medic

One thing that keeps coming up in the arguments over Ambulance Victoria’s conditions and the way it treats its paramedics is that paramedics are leaving in droves.
In fact many are told as a matter of course during their university studies that their expected in service life span is only five years.
Apparently by then they will be “burnt out”, and it will be time for them to move on.

I had the delight of attending the latest in service study days recently (we are supposed to get two a year, but this was my first in several), I guess its not the priority some claim.

Interesting thing kept being harped on by the presenter from Ambulance Victoria’s Quality & Education Services Dept (QES)
And that was they were concerned about increasing errors in treatment on case sheet audit (this is really the only ongoing “support” by AV to paramedics in the field due to lack of resourcing of education although most paramedics work very hard at maintaining thier skills on an individual level), the reason being according to the presenter, and on inquiry many of the presenters that average length of service of over half the organisation was five years.
And half of them had less than two years experience.

In the press the government and AV have denied repeatedly that they have a problem with staff retention.
I believe the senior management in particular Mr Tony Walker has quoted the figure of 3% stating this is typical thus there is no problem.

Basic arithmetic tells me that if half your operational paramedics have less than five years, and half of those have less than two then your problem is much worse than you admit.
Double figures at least.

To get three percent I am left wondering just how many non front line staff you are employing and counting to skew your figures that low?
Is the AV management really that out of touch, or just furiously denying another problem?

Mr Walker…….???????????

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  1. Marty says:

    “Is the AV management really that out of touch, or just furiously denying another problem?”

    Answer: C) All of the above

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