Playing the Man, Not the issues!

Last Friday, yet again David Davis was asked about the ambulance crisis in Victoria.

Again he could do nothing but try and deflect from the issues by “playing the man”, trying to undermine and mud sling at paramedics

So only a few weeks ago, a critically injured man from a high speed car accident waited 80 odd minutes on an ambulance stretcher at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The Age, on the 11th of May outlined the tragic deaths of seven people, in only three days who had waited too damn long for an ambulance.

Last Tuesday, Channel Seven News went on a short tour of several eastern suburbs emergency rooms to find them overstretched, with ambulances ramped up waiting for beds. One long enough for the waiting paramedics to be taking patients for scans while still on the ambulance stretcher.

On the same day the Royal Childrens Hospital used social media to plead with the public to go elsewhere as they were experiencing one of Mr Davis’s “unprecedented peaks in demand”.

Today on 3aw the Medical Director of Emegency was interviewed on Neil Mitchell’s program, after an email had been leaked that requested patients be discharged from the hospital early to free up beds for and overloaded emergency department.

And all David Davis seems to be able to do is deny there is a crisis in health, and attempt to smear the messenger.

Dare I say, it sounds like the desperate actions of a hard line, right wing minister struggling to keep his head above water while carrying out a hard line right wing industrial campaign, with absolutely no regard for the welfare of employees or the health outcomes of the Victorian Public.

And no, the Ambulance Employees Association – Victoria has never made a political donation to either major party!

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2 Responses to Playing the Man, Not the issues!

  1. Jim Hall says:

    Code red!

  2. Tha Phat Controller says:

    David Davis, if you want to play the man and not the ball, so be it I, too can play this game, You are a disgrace as is the government you purport to represent. You are so far into denial so as not to see the damage your ineptitude and that of your government is doing to this once proud and former great state of Victoria. Ordinary, everyday people are suffering and dying in unprecedented numbers and you prattle on about an extra 300 paramedics, $150 million, blah, blah, blah, broken record stuff David, but at no stage do you acknowledge the blown out response times, the lack of resources available in ambulance to meet the exponential growth in demand, you refuse to acknowledge the professional status of paramedics and the damned fine job they do under extreme pressure. Victorian paramedics are paid approximately $25,000 per annum less than interstate counterparts and have equal training and results and in some instances even better patient outcomes and training. What do you do in response to this, you heap insult upon insult on paramedics who dare to speak the truth, yes the truth Mr. Davis, about the inadequacies of the ambulance “system” I deliberately declined to use the term service as it no longer is in the title of Ambulance Victoria under your stewardship, You spend in excess of 1/2 million dollars of taxpayers money, my money, spruiking your lies and propaganda, this is a disgrace to your office Mr. Davis. The only way that you can fix the crisis in ambulance and health in general in Victoria is for you to resign, or to be sacked, this will no doubt happen in November at the state election, why not save Victorians any more grief leading up to this and just resign……You are obviously completely out of your depth in the role of a politician and minister, there are even very strong rumours abounding that members of the coalition parties in cabinet in Victoria don’t like you, take the hint David and just leave, now, before you cause any further trauma to Victorians. #sackdaviddavis

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