They’re pickin’ on me


So as always Health Minister David Davis continues to ignore and deny the current health crisis in Victoria, it is all the fault of some hard line lefties who wont tow the line, or swallow the spin.

Those pesky hard line left wing paramedic trouble makers, how dare they protest about the wondrous state of our health system.


Then it’s a bit more than that isn’t it David?

Pesky firefighters, a small minority of hard line left wing firefighters no doubt….


Oh yes, and those rotten far left hard line police out protesting about lack of resources in Geelong. Terrible….. Mind you their minister isn’t out publicly having temper tantrums because they have something to say.


But surely, those hard line left wing troublemakers, the doctors and nurses talking to The Age last Sunday about a dangerous shortage of neonatal intensive care beds.

Not only do they not have enough resources, but political interference in their care of patients…

“Doctors and nurses said the shortage of intensive-care beds had also caused the delaying of some births that needed to be induced for the baby’s health as staff frantically searched for a neonatal intensive-care place.

Furthermore, they said, while dozens of women had been flown interstate to give birth in previous years in such crises, it appears hospital chief executives have been told by the government not to do this because it was ”too politically sensitive in an election year”.

Instead, doctors and nurses are being made to fit the sick babies into cramped hospitals any way they can, even if there are not enough staff to care for them.”

Oh Yes Mr Davis, there is a problem alright. But its not with the frontline staff


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One Response to They’re pickin’ on me

  1. David Davis continues to avoid the reality and urgency, of the Total Healthcare Crisis and needs of our Victorian Community !
    He diverts attention from his “neglect ” as a Health Minister, to blaming the “hardened left-winged ”
    Paramedics !
    The very people who are fighting with Doctors, Nurses , Firefighters, and the General Public, to save lives, and the future Health Services to all Victorians !
    Meanwhile, people are Dying, as the Ambulance Response times worsen !
    This man has to go, as his Äpathy” just continues.
    Victorians deserve better !

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