It’s Just Not On



Following on from the last post about response targets, did you know the current management was appointed in 2002?

Let us look at urgent response time targets immediately before, and then after the appointment of the current management regime.

2000 – 8 minutes
2002 – Appointment of current management
2008 – 13 minutes, which AV was unable to meet
2013 – 15 minutes, which AV was unable to meet
2014 – Target still 15 minutes, but still not met. Ambulance Victoria is spending a lot of money on lawyers in VCAT to prevent the release of detailed figures as they, “May excite public controversy”.
They must be absolutely shocking.

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One Response to It’s Just Not On

  1. MCCOY 8064 says:

    This not meant to be a negatively connoting comment. Please read carefully.
    Its all well and good to focus upon Measurable Outcomes. That is Scientifically & Statistically appropriate.
    The trouble is, The Public can’t relate to it.
    All a relatively small number will know, is the grief of a loved one dying.
    AV have buried another mistake: perhaps.
    I thought it was 4-5 /60 of anoxyia, that irreparable brain damage occurs? Its all academic, as the Service hasnt been able to meet that upon an average, probably EVER.
    IMHO, we need to focus more upon situations, the Public can RELATE to easily.
    The fearful wait watching a febrile convulsion
    Any Asthmatic, the fear they must know as air hunger consumes them
    The humble chest pain?

    The list is endless. Govts fudge numbers. PEOPLE can relate to commonly shared experiences.
    Perhaps our focus should be more upon the statistically larger population of sufferers, not to exclude arrests, but let’s be a bit objective, invariably, hearts develop lethal arrhythmiae for GOOD REASON.
    Asthma is still a preventable death, is it not?

    Just thoughts of a ret’d driver.

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