20 Minutes, Early….Really?


I was reading the Geelong Advertiser over the weekend, and came across an article outlining the response by Mr David Davis, and Mr Mick Stephenson from Ambulance Victoria.

As always, Mr Davis simply attacked the messenger, nothing new there.
Mr Stephenson wasn’t much better if the quotes in the “Addy” are anything to go by, expressing concern at a “campaign to undermine public confidence”.
He then went on to say that, “sadly, not all people who are in cardiac arrest or suffer death collapse are able to be revived.”

No government or ambulance representative would directly address the case being discussed, that of a 63 year old Jan Juc man who died earlier this month despite the best efforts of his family in performing CPR for some 20 minutes while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

That will unfortunately tend to happen when the ambulance can’t get there for 20 minutes.
At the top of the page is a diagram outlining “chain of survival”, the essential elements in surviving a cardiac arrest.
Notice any recurring theme?
The word early keeps popping up.
I’m sorry, but in what world is 20 minutes early?
Certainly not mine.

He does go on to draw one positive though, that being the increase in bystander first aid.
Well I suppose they need to do something while they are waiting.

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One Response to 20 Minutes, Early….Really?

  1. ernst millet says:

    It seams the only way politicians and health minister to understand the issue to have onset chestpain, call for an ambulance and then wait as the pain increases and leads to a cardiac arrest. it just seems that they are so disconnected from reality facing victorians that they would only truely understand it if they survived a heart attack.

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