Lies, Lies and Semantics


I watched last the ABC’s 7:30 report last Friday (20th June), I am not sure what I really expected but unfortunately I was disappointed again (although not surprised) with the Victorian Health Ministers responses.
He stridently refuses to address the issues, rather to attempt to divert and distract from the plight of Victoria’s Health System by attempting to impune those who do not tell his version of the story and to misrepresent numbers to further confuse the issues.
Meanwhile Victorians are suffering.

I commend to you the Facebook page “Critical Response”, a page set up by the family of one of his victims.
They recently posted a letter to ALL victorian politicians, and from what I understand any person preselected for election this November.

Hopefully they will have more luck at getting a response, I will certainly be watching.
Hopefully so will you.



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  1. James Hall says:

    Some valid questions asked.
    Interested in responses.

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