Value your ambos!

Who do you trust?

Paramedics or Politicians

The following (bold added by me) is an extract from this Readers Digest article…Trusted People 2014

Throughout the past year paramedic organisations in various parts of Australia have reported their members increasingly coming under attack by the very people they are trying to help. But for our respondents there is no question: they are the most trusted of all the professionals – just ahead of those other ever-reliables, firefighters. “They do a superb job under a great deal of pressure,” said one person, while many others put it even more simply: “your life is in their hands”.

1. Paramedics
2. Firefighters
3. Rescue volunteers
4. Nurses
5. Doctors
5. Pilots
7. Pharmacists
8. Air traffic controllers
8. Farmers
8. Veterinarians
11. Police
12. Armed forces personnel
12. Scientists
14. Teachers
14. Dentists
16. Childcare workers
17. Bus/train/tram drivers
18. Flight attendants
19. Locksmiths
20. Hairdressers
21. Postal workers
22. Computer technicians
22. Waiters
22. Plumbers
25. Accountants
25. Cleaners
27. Security guards
27. Builders
27. Mechanics
30. Shop assistants
30. Truck drivers
32. Professional sportspeople
33. Alternative health practitioners
34. Bankers
35. Financial planners
36. Tow-truck drivers
36. Charity collectors
36. Lawyers
36. Clergy (all religions)
40. Airport baggage handlers
41. Taxi drivers
42. Journalists
43. CEOs
43. Radio talkback hosts
45. Real estate agents
45. Call centre staff
47. Sex workers
47. Insurance salespeople
49. Politicians
50. Door-to-door salespeople

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In 2011 after more than 37 years I, like many paramedics since then, resigned from Ambulance Victoria. I am now a Tour Guide in the Northern Territory. I started the "Talkfest Forum for Australasian Paramedics" in 2009. It now has well over 1,000 members from all over Australia. This is fine for informal comments about all thing work related, but did nothing to inform the public about paramedics' concerns. This "FAIR-GO BLOG" was started to allow paramedics and others, to inform the general public about things that they are either concerned about or feel that the public would benefit from knowing. Paramedics in all States, have said that they cannot safely make any public comments in regard to their work or their management, for fear of being reprimanded or even dismissed. This is therefore a way for them to communicate with, and receive feedback from, the public. There is a very good reason why Paramedics have been independently voted as the most trusted profession in Australia, while politicians have constantly been near the bottom of that same list. Who should you listen to when it comes to your well being? Did I hear you say... "politicians"? While I administer this blog, I do not advocate, indorse or necessarily agree with any of the opinions and/or comments posted on the blog. Posts and comments are the sole responsibility of those persons making them. John
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