Running on empty


Last Thursday night ambulance fuel cards started being declined all over the state.
A manager being constantly contacted by crews involved in some very cranky confrontations in fuel stations all over Victoria told one of the paramedics that Ambulance Victoria hadn’t paid its bill.
And the companies would not apparently provide credit as last time it happened AV were apparently very tardy paying the bill, according to this manager they didn’t

So all over the state it was up to paramedics to pay for fuelling ambulances out of their own pockets.
But many paramedics were refusing as last time this happened it took AV up to six months to reimburse them.
So many ambulances were stuck, unable to respond as they were stuck waiting at petrol stations for managers to attend to sort the mess out.

I certainly hope that paramedics who were forced to pay for fuel manage to get their money back before Christmas.

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9 Responses to Running on empty

  1. James Hall says:

    This is pathetic!

  2. ernst millet says:

    THis should never have happened in the first place, let alone a second time. just another example of incompetent management.

  3. Linda says:

    This is utterly disgraceful – for it to happen once, terrible, but for it to happen again is just disgraceful.

  4. maryrose65 says:

    Unacceptable situation

  5. Yvonne says:

    Gross negligence on behalf of AV to every single Victorian. Paramedics are being cornered with no where to go because they CARE!!!Its about time the public take a stand for these paramaedics that are CRUCIAL to saving lives . AV you are an absolute DISGRACE!! We ALL will be affected one way or another , either for ourselves or a loved one needing a Triple 0 Ambulance call.

  6. FIG Woodworks says:

    That would be Naptime and David Davis for you

  7. atkenos says:

    6 months to reimburse them? What the blasted hell is the Auditor General doing? Wake up you idiot or resign

  8. Shane Reeves says:

    Why is everyone so supprised at this development. The only people who care are the public and the ambos themselves. The Victorian government as a whole dont give a second thought to anything but the next election and their own trivial intrests. I wonder what the response would be if an ambulance was needed at Spring Street and it couldnt make it there because ot ran out of fuel.

  9. Marj Brown says:

    Thumbs down and FAIL marks to Dudley Davis & Deadly Denis. I can’t believe so called highly intelligent, highly educated men can be so stupid as to shun such obvious potentially fatal effects of their uncaring self centred attitudes, against the common sense of repairing this sick Health system in Victoria. They will definitely NOT be getting our vote or the votes of many truly fair minded Australians who do not want to be stranded at some remote fuel station while the dedicated frustrated Ambulance officer argues over a useless fuel card which has been refused by the dealer. Don’t they realise it could be them or their loved ones in the back of the ambulance? Or are they so full of their own self importance that they think it would never happen to them? They are not invincible. SHAME on them.

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