Without Power??


The money worries for ambulance Victoria continue apparently, if today is anything to go by.

Apparently a power company employee attended at a northern metropolitan ambulance station today, with the intention of disconnecting the stations power supply.
According to the power company employee the reason was non payment of the account.
Upon seeing that it was in fact an ambulance station the power, company employee thought he had better not cut off the supply, and referred the situation back to the company.
Rather fortunate for the ambulance service, as even the doors allowing the ambulances out of their bays are electric.
The drug safes are electric. Without power would they open or close??
Response times would deteriorate even further I think.

Why do I have the Benny Hill theme running through my head at the moment????
Maybe they need a bike rack out the front just in case

I wonder if the paramedics who had to pay for fuel last week have got their money back yet, sounds like you’ll need to be quick fellas

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