Is this for real, or just more bloody spin?



This afternoon Denis and David called a press conference at about 2:15pm.

The stated purpose was to outline a proposed pay offer to Victorian Paramedics, who have been involved in what I believe is now the longest running dispute in Victoria’s history.

If true this would be great news, but, and with this mob so far there is always a but, they neglected to tell anyone about it.

The press conference started at 2:15pm, and the Ambulance Employees Association (AEA) received a copy at approx 2:20pm. To me at least this would appear more of a stunt aimed at the media, so they could grab the media and not allow the AEA time to reply.

First reports would suggest that this offer is pretty much the same as the one that was rejected a couple of weeks ago, with the exception that the sign on bonus has been increased to $3000.

I am just another ambo, I have no access to any special information, but to the best of my knowledge this is not even what my union, my appointed bargaining agent and Ambulance Victoria are even arguing about.

This is not going to compensate me for potentially travelling all over the state with no notice to cover your roster shortfalls, this is not going to protect me in a dispute with an untrustworthy and bullying manager without access to representation. Nor will it guarantee a meal break in a shift that regularly blows out to 16-18 hours.

All for up to 30K less than interstate!

So how about it Mr Napthine, enough with the silly games, enough with the political spin. Come on in like a grown up and settle this, its already been going on too bloody long.

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4 Responses to Is this for real, or just more bloody spin?

  1. Harry Chimp says:

    He’s just starting with his pre-election rhetoric and hoping to water-down the issue. Stick with it and hold out for parity

  2. Jim Hall says:

    They are simply not addressing the real issues.

  3. Jim Hall says:

    They are not addressing the real issues.

  4. Mal says:

    Nit picking but I would not consider ADOs leave. They are hours we have worked and not been paid for. When we accrue enough hours of unpaid work we are given time in leiu, at AVs discretion.

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