Work choices by any other name….

Remember this advertisement?

Well it’s back, except this time it real.

Under the proposed deal put forward to much fanfare by Messrs Napthine and Davis last week was more than one “nasty” that they neglected to mention.
One of these is a proposal for a system of relieving vacancies where paramedics can be forced to work at any location in the state, and they can specifically under the proposal do it with as little notice as 10pm the night before, or 6am the same day.
Paramedics would then be required to travel in their own time and at their own expense to whichever station they were sent.
If that station was a remote station which involved being ” on call” then the paramedic would be required to stay in that remote location for the princely sum of $17 a night “living away from home allowance”, potentially for an eight day stint at a time.

Quite forseeably, the call could be to that mother in the ad who is normally a paramedic at say Ballarat Ambulance Station.
She could be rung by Ambulance Victoria rosters at 10 at night and be told to be on deck for her shift in Edenhope at eight the next morning, some 280km and 3 and a half hours drive away.
But then Edenhope is a call branch, so accommodation will have to be arranged for the next seven nights of call, before she is allowed to at the completion of the eighth day of the Edenhope roster at 6pm, to return home to those kids in the ad.
After another 3 and a half hour 280km drive home that is.

Trouble is for her, she lives in Ballarat. Her kids live in Ballarat. They go to school in Ballarat. They have medical appointments in Ballarat, swimming lessons too.

Come to think of it what the hell is she going to do with the kids for those eight days?
How the hell do you arrange child care at such short notice, at such unreasonable hours?
That’ll be her problem will be the reply from the person allocating the shift, the agreement is clear they will say.
That’s what has been said to paramedics in the past with a much more protective agreement in place.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck……

It sure as hell sounds like work choices to me

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3 Responses to Work choices by any other name….

  1. Invisible says:

    Yep – quacking like a duck here too.

  2. Shane Edwards says:

    Here Here well said

  3. David says:

    And if she complains about this unfair treatment and gets called into a meeting with a manager she has no right to Union representation. So there is the potential for her to be bullied in that meeting without any sort of advocate to assist her.

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