From a paramedic


From a paramedic on Facebook,

“I dont have much to grumble about, but for all my FB friends I want the facts about Paramedic wages out there

I just read another publication by the Govt claiming that Paramedics earn $100,000 p.a. and get 10 weeks leave. I’m incensed.

My group certificate says I earned just a little over $76,000 in 2013-14. Good wage and overall I’m not unhappy with it. However, it includes involuntary overtime, days, nights, weekends, public holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc. I work 42 hours a week. I work two 10 hour days, then two 14 hour nights, (total of 48 hours), then sleep for a day then have three days off. During my shifts, there’s no guarantee I’ll get a break. These are just facts.
I don’t know any paramedic who earns $100,000. I’m sure there are some, but they work on-call in busy remote branches, often responding by themselves to god knows what.

In the end I get 10 weeks combined leave per year. That’s, I think, 4 weeks Annual Leave like everyone else. The rest is repayment for public holidays, and time in lieu. I dont have a choice when I take leave, or how much I take at a time, it’s allocated to me. Again, just facts.
We haven’t had any salary increase for the two years we’ve been ‘negotiating’ this EBA. (No C.P.I. etc.) We won’t get backpay, so the Govt’s offer of 12% includes that 2 years, plus the coming 3 years. That’s 12% ÷ 5 years – it’s the middle of the night and I can’t figure that out, but it’s less than Govt wages policy of 2.5%.

That’s why we’re saying and will continue to say NO DEAL!

Our Union is doing a great job and has our full support. They’re not thugs as claimed, and if they’ve embarrassed the Govt., that’s because the facts are embarrassing for them.
Like most Victorian Paramedics, I love my job and want an end to this prolonged, increasingly hostile process. We work hard to get to people in need as quickly as humanly possible and provide the best pre-hospital care we can. We just want to get back to focussing on our job. We really appreciate the support people show us. We need it now more than ever as the Govt ramps up it’s incredibly costly PR campaign to undermine us and our supporters.

Please feel free to share this.”

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  1. James Hall says:

    Nicely put.
    Factual and not too much venom but plenty of frustration.
    Hang in there.

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