Being seen rather than doing

It would appear that Ambulance Victoria is much more interested in being seen to be doing its job, sometimes I wonder if it is to the detriment of actually doing it.

With ambulance response times the worst they have ever been, patients are waiting longer for ambulances then they ever have before, with graduate paramedics not allowed to order vests to wear on cold nightshifts, it would seem that Ambulance Victoria must be strapped for cash.
With paramedics, according to the Medical Journal of Australia being the most injured profession in Australia and a suicide rate many times the national average, they may have some quite pressing things to be spending funds on if they weren’t so strapped for cash.

Not so strapped for cash that they cannot employ a small army of ex journalists to stalk the online postings of paramedics who are posting online the day to day deficiencies of the organisation. The day to day dangers and stresses they face.

They then report this information to managers within the service, and then as has been demonstrated again and again no doubt paramedics will be sought out to be dealt with by the “industrial warriors”, while those ex journalist “spin doctors” attempt to limit the damage and, “protect the brand”

If only they put this much time and effort into serving the public, you know the poor mugs who are paying for this rubbish.

I wonder if this affects the coverage, after all a journo wouldn’t want to miss the gravy train. No mind if it nana has to pay for it lying on the floor for hours waiting for an ambulance.

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