Hijacked by the Union

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David Davis (the Victorian state Health Minister) keeps saying that paramedics want his deal.
He says that they are being hijacked by union officials with a political agenda.
Well yesterday they marched on Denis’s office.

Gees, that union has a hell of a lot of officials.

David, I don’t think the public are that dopey.


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3 Responses to Hijacked by the Union

  1. Andrew Fritsche says:

    Keep up the good fight. Perhaps a Federal award with the outcomes of other state’s work value cases should be the rule.

  2. Kylie says:

    It’s all he’s got, the same old go to line whenever Paramedics show a united front in protest against his and Napthine’s atrocious wage offer (less than CPI increases and loss of conditions). He’s a broken record with no credibility.

  3. Tara Nipe says:

    Nurses and midwives were accused by this government of being blackmailed by our (beloved and highly respected) Secretary – it’s an excellent way to infuriate people who know they’re autonomous individuals taking considered and necessary action. This idea that professionals whose work requires education, reflection, strategy, insight, accountability and decision-making suddenly become sheep when the union barks is ludicrous.
    Oh, and the union? It IS the members!

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