Ambulance Victoria – No Ordinary Club? A very ordinary club



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7 Responses to Ambulance Victoria – No Ordinary Club? A very ordinary club

  1. Informed before speaking says:

    Love it when losers like you sprout off at the mouth before even knowing the facts.. good effort. No wonder you are a disposable asset.

    • Troll hater says:

      “Informed before speaking”, So enlighten us

    • John Till says:

      Do you have anything of value to contribute on the subject, or are you happy just to be unjustifiably critical of those who do?

    • Invisible says:

      First of all it’s ‘spout’ not ‘sprout’ so your user name is clearly misleading.

      Secondly, the FB post that this was taken from has an update to say that there had been an error in the age of the baby (it was 8 weeks old) but that the fundamental concerns still apply.

      Thirdly, on one of the shared posts, the actual client who this situation refers to, confirms the information and after a couple more calls to AV, has advised that common sense has prevailed and the bill has finally be waived (I won’t be cynical and suggest it had anything to do with the public sharing of this situation) .

  2. Jim Hall says:

    Very ordinary. Who would even think to register a new arrival on your AV subscription. Not me!

  3. Tara Nipe says:

    Re: the anonymous, unsupported first comment – while I can’t speak to the truth of this, it’s certainly possible under Ambulance Victoria’s membership requirements, which specify that dependent children must be added to the membership to qualify for membership benefits (3.2.1 a), 5.0, and Note 1).
    Obviously those requirements exist for a reason, but someone decided to apply them in a case where commonsense and justice would suggest waiving them – and it’s that decision-making the author refers to.

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