Where’s the Humanity?

Recently there has been a review into the rostering system under which paramedics work.
Paramedics, whom provide the face to face emergency functions of Ambulance Victoria are already known to be suffering under a horrendous workload.
They have suicide relates many time higher than the general population, they are the most injured profession in Australia.
Ambulance Victoria is the most injurious employer to its staff in the state.

Well recently the results of the restructure have been released to staff.
It is full of statements such as,

“managing the resourcing of short-term operational vacancies to ensure they are filled in the most efficient and effective manner without placing AV at risk.”

“efficient and effective manner that supports service levels of a 24/7 emergency operation.”

“leading the development and implementation of key Operational Resourcing performance measures”

“driving the implementation of key rostering system related projects and initiatives that will support AV’s business requirements”

Throughout the document as I read it is one glaring omission!
There is certainly one thing missing in the document, and that is AV’s most valuable resource, even if they refuse to acknowledge it, paramedics!

No mention of work life balance, no mention of family friendly, no mention of the extraordinary fatigue under which paramedics work. Total omission of any reference to the Occupational Health and Safety to paramedics, the ones actually providing the service.

AV keeps forcing what is calls it’s values down the staffs throats, working together, being respectful and openly communicating.
It’s just a shame they cannot seem to abide by them themselves.

It’s no wonder the relationship between staff and management is so toxic.
The total disregard for staff goes a long way to explaining why six to eight hundred of AV’s staff were rallying outside the Premier’s office last week.


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4 Responses to Where’s the Humanity?

  1. tha phat controller says:

    Am l really so stupid? I can not understand any of what is written in this policy. There are lots of words and public service speak in this document but what is planned. What is actually meant, can anyone shed some light on this for me so that l may know what is happening, please……

  2. Invisible says:

    It’s another of those “seen to be doing” pieces of paper that they throw around when anyone questions them. We all know that they don’t follow any of the politically correct stuff they keep publishing (although this document certainly isn’t PC with is glaring omission of health & safety requirements) .

    It’s like when they got that ISO accreditation and framed certificates to hang at branches a few years ago. Supposed to be this big thing that they flouted as proof they were doing the right thing. If any of the auditors had walked in, unannounced, to any branch or spoken to random (as opposed to rehearsed) staff, AV would have failed miserably and never been able to receive or maintain any such accreditation.

    I wouldn’t bother trying to understand it Phat Controller, it doesn’t really mean anything in the day to day running of Rosters. The people who control our rosters will still be power-mongers who lie and bully staff to work shifts that they don’t have to, or shouldn’t have to. They’ll still dismiss our health & safety, welfare, family responsibilities and social amenity (all required for a well-rounded healthy mind and body).

    I know of 5 people who have resigned in the past couple of months. I’m sure there are others I don’t know. More and more are putting together exit strategies. Many of these are 10 year + experienced and excellent paramedics. While AV couldn’t care less, the public should. The public need this experience and so do those new to the job.

    Until AV understand that the system and attitude they currently employ in dealing with staff isn’t working, nothing will change. What is the definition of stupidity? Doing something you’ve always done and expecting a different result. The fundamentals are always the same for AV so nothing will ever change.

    Writing it on a piece of paper doesn’t make it so. The signatory to this particular piece is one of the worst offenders for dismissing staff welfare (if you were at the delegates meeting at Trade’s all a few months ago you would have seen evidence of his distaste and disregard for paramedics on the ground. An attitude he made no attempt to hide over the years. He is out of touch and out of his league in leading AV in anything, let alone roster reform. In their ‘jobs-for-the-boys’ management structure, they won’t put him out to pasture though, so we’re in for a lot more pain.

  3. Undervalued Paramedic says:

    BS corporate speak. Explains why the service has failed utterly. You cannot treat a public emergency service like a business, nor can you apply the notion of productivity in a business sense to a service. They have completely and totally lost touch. There needs to be an inquiry and an overhaul of the management of both the service and the outsourced call taking and dispatch system. The system needs fixing, and it cannot and should not be done by making staff work harder for longer in an environment already rife with injury, fatigue, and mental health issues.

  4. Tired Mum says:

    If it was my ‘business’ it would include phrases such as ‘minimising staff fatigue’, ‘allocating staff to appropriate resources’, ‘ensuring fair and equitable rotation of reserve’, ‘developing policies to enahnce and increase flexible working hours whilst maintaining appropriate resourcing’, ‘improving staff work life balance’, ‘minimising overtime’, ‘minimising travel time for staff’, ‘minimising imapct of reserve on staff welfare’, ‘creating flexibilty to meet staff needs whilst maintaining resources’, ‘ensuring simple and streamlined processes for flexible work agreements’.
    Any one of those statements or similar would go a long way in increasing staff moral and hence productivity and a willingness to do more. The statement that sticks out to me is ‘protect Ambulance Victoria’. Yes, let’s protect the brand at all costs, the employees? They’re expendable, there’s hundreds more coming out of uni every year. They are not even worth mentioning in our expected duties of rosters managers, you know, the managers who roster our staff and in many ways have one of the greatest impacts on our staff welfare!

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