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“Critical Response” is a page set up by the parents of a young man who died waiting for an ambulance, they are trying to do something so that other families will not have to feel their pain. I commend them and their page to you all,

A HUGE THANK YOU to each and everyone who supports Critical Response, Thanks to you guys the Grass Roots Forum will now become a reality. We have a voice and will endeavour to make sure we are HEARD. The Forum will be held on Saturday 13th September from 10.00 am – 2.00 pm. Currently negotiating venues. Should you wish to attend please send us a message or email Stay tuned for regular updates. LETS ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


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  1. James Hall says:

    I am A First Aid Medic working daily in the field and regularly have to call ambulances.
    I know response times have deteriorated over the past five years.

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