Protecting the Brand – AV Media Part 2

In a previous post I outlined how AV media staff have been friending paramedics, and the reporting on them back to management.
Well, it would appear they have also been trying to get critical social media accounts suspended too.
You have to give them points for ingenuity though, copyright infringement. Imagine that, people are dying waiting longer for an ambulance than they ever have in Victoria.
Imagine what they could do to fix the ambulance crisis, if only they spent as much time and effort as they do “protecting the brand.”


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3 Responses to Protecting the Brand – AV Media Part 2

  1. Stephen Hill says:

    How funny is this. AV values at their very best.

  2. Pineapple Man says:

    Everyone was so keen to befriend Paul Bentley early on, and he was so “sympathetic”, wasn’t he?

    Just shows what an evil conniving, dishonest organisation AV is.

  3. dale says:

    How did you get to see this report? May help others in future.

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