What is good for the Goose….


Imagine my surprise when doing the school run this morning, I had the car radio on AW in the background and heard the host of the morning show Mr Neil Mitchell voice his opinion that he was heartily sick of the ambulance dispute and just wanted it sorted.
With that I could not agree more, for two bloody years this has been going on causing a tremendous amount of grief, stress and suffering to all concerned. On road paramedics particularly, not to mention the poor bloody patients who have to suffer the worst ambulance response times ever.

Imagine my surprise, and then a mixture of anger and bemusement to hear the representative of the Ambulance Managers and Professionals Association lamenting the treatment of their members by government.
They have been stalled, and ignored and mucked about. Then they have been given an offer under inflation, and told to like it or lump it.
Apparently they are angry and insulted.

Welcome to my world.

This is how the on road paramedics have been treated for over two years now.
Did you really think you would get any better?

While I am aware there are many of you who are decent people just trying to do an impossible job meeting ridiculous targets, you have all stood by while some of your ranks waged a campaign of fear and intimidation among on road paramedics.
This blog is full of horror stories, of the dismissal and disciplinary action and singling out for harassment of many union delegates, and simply more vocal paramedics.
A number of your members have been going around trying to convince on road ambos of the merits of a deal you guys are now so angry and insulted about.

While I acknowledge that this campaign of bullying and harassment it not carried out by all of you, I am reminded of a quote by the then Chief of Army, Lt Gen David Morrison who said in an address on bullying, “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”
This I believe was echoed, albeit with less sincerity in my opinion by Ambulance Victoria’s General Manager People and Community who stated in a memo to staff last week, Employees are encouraged to continue to take steps towards demonstrating and reinforcing more of the behaviors they want to see, AND CALLING OUT THOSE THEY FIND UNACCEPTABLE.”

I cannot help but wholeheartedly endorse sentiments heard expressed by one of those on road paramedics this morning, “What goes around comes around. Considering they’re telling us that we were getting a good deal maybe they should take the offer and lead by example. Or, here’s a thought, MAYBE THEY SHOULD HAVE STOOD UP FOR THEIR TROOPS AND TOLD THE GOVERNMENT THAT YOU DON’T TREAT AMBOS THAT WAY.”

Better late then never guys, your representatives threaten to “spill the beans” on the ambulance service.
Well get on with it, for the sake of the patients as well as your staff.
I don’t understand why you are covering for a government bereft of morals and Health Department behaving like sociopaths.

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  1. James Hall says:

    Hear hear!!!!
    Well said and well observed.
    No venom, just a plea for ears to open and minds to acknowledge.
    Jim Hall

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