Glad it wasn’t my child

Last night was Sunday night, another busy night for ambulance.
Ambulances going everywhere all over in response to calls for assistance from Victorians.
Ambulances waiting in line at hospitals where the staff are busting their guts trying to keep up with demand that the government refuses to acknowledge, and the press seems to have lost interest in.

But the case that caught my eye was when Woodend was sent as the closest car to a young child having difficulty breathing in Eden Park.

That was after a man lay on the street in Central Ballarat yesterday, waiting from 11:42am to just before 1pm for am ambulance to come from Maryborough, some 72km away.
Meanwhile in the North East suburbs of Melbourne ambulances are running around crossing each other’s path trying to get to patients with an intensive care unit loaded with a patient driving away from hospital to rendezvous with an ambulance coming from Healsville needing intensive care support.
All that seems to have been missing is the Benny Hill theme.

And Mr Davis continues to deny a health crisis in Victoria

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3 Responses to Glad it wasn’t my child

  1. Steve says:

    How did the child case go??

  2. Pam says:

    I know you’ve invited pillies to come along for a shift but have you invited a reporter how about Bolt from the herald sun he’s always praising the government he’d be a good choice . Then after he’s gone with you for a 14 hr night the next shift he can do is in a ED see the ambulance crisis from both sides ramped at an ED then he can see why the ED is clogged

  3. Jim Hall says:

    Heads in the sand!

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