Why don’t we believe them?


In all the recent to and fro of the reserve carry on, the powers that be insist that they will only send people within an hour of their home branch.
They seem incapable of understanding why so many paramedics view that statement with such suspicion.

Lets view some recent occurrences within metro, where they have reserve.
Where there are many more ambulance branches far closer than they are in rural Victoria and see how it has been managed.

Well let’s see one metro paramedic has been sent from Sunshine to Frankston.
Let’s see you do that in an hour without your car being impounded under hoon legislation.

Another paramedic was “offered” Epping to Dandenong!

Yet another western suburbs paramedic who was offered Dandenong managed to talk their way to Montrose at least.
On another occasion when being rostered to non emerg car division for yet another day when a newly qualified paramedic protested saying he needed emerg experience, the reply he said was “the sooner you realize you are a glorified taxi driver the easier this will be.”

Another paramedic who questioner her ability to get to the required branch within the hour had the person from rosters apparently simply bellow down the phone, “Do you want me to page the Group Manager”. I believe in a thinly veiled attempt to bully the younger paramedic into taking the shift.
I would have called the bluff, but that is I suspect one of the reasons AV like the kids so much.
They don’t stand their ground so well.

So forgive me, but while the wording of the section allows you to send me statewide…..your refusal to amend your agreement to me speaks volumes.
And in between two fourteen hour night shifts the potential for excessive travel just smacks of disaster.

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  1. Jim Hall says:

    Well documented.

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