Is it really true?

I found this in the replies to James Campbell’s partisan puff piece in today’s Herald Stun.
I hope the author will not mind me reproducing it here.

In addition to what Bob has said I would also like to point out that more importantly Union Representation includes the representation of paramedics in any meetings with a management representative. The thought of being denied representation in a dispute or disciplinary action going on past behavior of some managers terrifies me.
And just in case you think representation is guaranteed in the Fair Work Act, only support is and the industrial warriors at AV have a truly Orwellian definition of what that involves!

Anyway, back to “Bob”,

First let me declare my conflicts of interest.

1) I am not a paramedic

2) I am a coalition supporter and considered standing for the Victorian upper house for the election in November.

Now, James – lets consider your statements:


“To summarise the situation, the Government has offered a 6 per cent pay rise this year with 3 per cent next year and 3 per cent the year after that. As a sweetener it is also offering a $3000 signing bonus for accepting the deal.”

If you were to present the full facts, you would note that paramedics have not had a pay rise for 2 years, and this $3000, + 6%, 3%, 3% when averaged out since the last payrise until the next EBA is less than 2.5% – the governments target pay rate. How this can be considered fair, in anyones book, let alone a spin merchant like yourself, is beyond me.

Union representation

An ALS Paramedic, Year 6, gets paid $71,000 with shift penalties (aka the rolled-in-rate)

Paying 4 paramedics for 13 weeks a year is…. $71,000

Then, for 1 day, 15 paramedics, 6x a year is 71,000/52/5*16*5 = 22000

Grand total = 93,000 – not sure where your magical figure of $250,000 comes from. I challenge you to explain that.

As a comparison, would you care to explain how much the Napthine Government has wasted on public advertising “directed at paramedics”. No, you wont – because it is ok for the government to waste money on such things, but for paramedics to have representation


Rural relieving

With regard to this – the original contract in Melbourne was that no one should ever do more than 8 weeks and that volunteers would cover the reliving. That didnt work, with most paramedics being forced to do in excess of 8 weeks and Ambulance Victoria now trying to stretch that out to 12 weeks. There is no reason why AV wont have to stretch the rural model out from 4 weeks to 8 or 12 also.

Second – only an hour – thats not to bad, but consider that in rural Victoria, most branches are more than an hour apart. But lets assume that paramedics do only go 1 hour. Assuming an average speed of 75km/hr, thats 150km per day. The current federal government rate is 60c/km. At the same time, the travel would be an hour each way.

This gets a bit techincal – I hope you can keep up….

On a 4 on 4 off roster, their are 7 blocks of 4 days on, in 8 weeks. To calculate a weekly cost to the Paramedic you need to work out the cost for 7 blocks on and divide by 8 weeks.

Therefore 150km/day for the 8 weeks would be: 150*4*7/8 = 525km/week on average. At 60c/km this would be $315/week in travel costs.

At the same time, the extra 1 hour, each way would be 2*4*7/8= 7 hours per week of overtime

Based on the base rate of $71,000 overtime (1.5x for paramedics) would be 71,000/52/38*1.5*7 = $377 per week in overtime.

Also, if you live in a small town there is no public transport, so many paramedic families would be required to obtain a second car.

Anyway, the income due for paramedics for rural reliving shoudl be $315 + $377/week = $692/week.

And the government has offered $160 per week.

Really James? You think this is fair or reasonable?

You are an embarrassment to the cause.

For 4 years ambulance has been on the agenda. It was an election issue last time – I directly communicated with David Davis both pre and post the last election about the issues.

If ambulance brings this coalition governmnet down, its due to our own stupidity.

Go on – respond to that, James


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  1. Lorraine Smith says:

    We are only talking about 3,000 Paramedics. It won’t break the bank to give them what they need to be paid to have what is anyone’s right, decent pay and decent conditions.

  2. Ambo 2000 says:

    What Loraine said

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