Ambulance Victoria Values & P****d Off Paramedics

Remember in an earlier post it was pointed out that Ambulance Victoria has a travelling roadshow at the moment espousing to its staff the concept of “AV Values.”

Just to refresh, these were;


Well, on Friday the news broke that one of the senior lead negotiators in the on going, never ending ambulance dispute had been disseminating fraudulent emails to the ambulance union in an attempt to put pressure on it to settle the dispute.

I am simply stunned, people ask why paramedics do not trust their employer.
When their employer makes statements but refuses to put those assurances, like travelling limits in a binding document, people seem genuinely surprised at the level of cynicism that paramedics have for their employer.

Paramedics are being disciplined, and indeed having their employment terminated for seemingly minor breeches of these values. Indeed I am aware of some occasions where these values are quoted, but have seemingly nothing to do what is going on.

Well it is time Ambulance Victoria, to apply these values to yourselves.
This man can never again have anything to do with Ambulance Enterprise Bargaining, if only for the reason that as long as he does just how do negotiations continue in good faith?
If indeed they ever did from this man.

Paramedics are P****d off alright, just not with their union.
Only in the last few weeks have they voted overwhelmingly to step up industrial action.
I am sure this will only anger them more.

If you are as disgusted as I am at the conduct of this man, then please do something.
These are the email addresses of his superiors at the Department of Health.
Let them know what you think of this conduct.

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4 Responses to Ambulance Victoria Values & P****d Off Paramedics

  1. Pamela Brunswick says:

    This “FAKE” Email sent by mistake, to the Ambulance Union, by The Health Department’s Industrial Relation’s Consultant, is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE !!!
    This was specifically created, to cause “Disparity” between the Ambulance Union & their Paramedic Members!
    The Intention was to “Force” a quick agreement to the Current EBA Ambulance Conditions on Offer by the Government !
    Well be Sure “Your Sins Will Find You Out!”
    Seems like this Great Christian Bible Quote, is So True!!!
    This must be Thoroughly investigated and those involved, should be removed from office!!!

  2. Lorraine Smith says:

    What exactly is the problem Mr Davis? We are only talking about 3,000 Paramedics here so giving them what they want to have better, work conditions and pay, will not break the Bank. Instead, you denigrate all Paramedics for what reason? It seems like you are playing a child’s game. Please do the right thing by these men and women and start serious negotiations to end this bitter standoff.
    They will thank you for it and your name will go in the history books.

  3. Steve Boyle says:

    33 years as a paramedic and I have never believed we could strike over pay. I still believe that but after 2 years of lies from Davis, his attempts to discredit the people who work for him just to save money and a total refusal to negotiate in good faith now further reinforced by their latest attempts at deceit, it is time to take serious action. It is time to refuse to transport any person who does not need active treatment (pain relief, monitoring etc) and book transport by non emergency ambulance or have them arrange their own transport.

    This will ensure we actually have enough crews available for emergency cases and will highlight how grossly under resourced the non emergency transport area is. It should also ensure that we no longer have massive areas of Melbourne with no available ambulances as we have had.

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