What a load of Tripe!

I have just watched several of the news bulletins this evening and shock horror, apparently the Chief Commisioner thinks in the current dangerous climate I should not wear my uniform to and from work in case I am attacked by some mad terrorist.

I really wish that the press and some of these consultants who justify their jobs looking for these threats to react to lived in my world.

In my world I am much more likely to be attacked being sent into a violent domestic dispute without police, as they don’t have the resources to back us up at these scenes until after we are being assaulted.
I am much more likely to be assaulted on any night by someone suffering the effects of illicit drugs such as ice which are rife in the community.
I am even more likely to be injured or worse from motor vehicle accident at work as a result of a computer dispatch system that has me running under lights and sirens for someone with bleeding haemorrhoids (fair dinkum, it calls it a possibly dangerous haemorrhage)
Or from a motor vehicle accident if I fall asleep behind the wheel on the way home after working excessive hours.
In fact, I am probably more likely to die from disease related to poor diet as I am I unable to eat properly in no small part due to AV’s inability to allow me meal breaks.

So forgive me if I don’t work myself into a lather over the terrorist threat.
I will assess the threats to which I am exposed, and that one is well down the list at the minute thanks.

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5 Responses to What a load of Tripe!

  1. Hezbollah Harry says:

    Point taken however I’m more interested to see wether AV actual put out a bulletin advising us of the potential risk! I mean if police , fire, ADF and even high school cadets are being warned then we need to be officially advised ASAP …. Interesting to note that lately TM’s are sending out emails “reminding” us of scene safety etc. call me a doomsday predictor but when prior to the current climate I personally felt threatened at work and attempted to LOi an address I had to fight tooth and nail to “sometimes” get an LOi that only lasted 28 days … Now the service sees the legal repercussions of sitting on their hands, don’t be fooled it’s not about “our” safety it’s about “their” litigation potential…
    So I’ll continue to drive at whatever speed I feel safe to do so, respond at what “I” see as an appropriate code, and enter a scene that “i” feel comfortable entering …
    And I hope we all do the same….

    • K says:

      They have already put the bulletin out about a week ago its has just been slow to hit the media.

  2. Kristie says:

    I thought the same thing & was wondering how long it would take for there to be an email sent regarding this….but was informed by a colleague tonight that AV did release a bulletin back on the 30th Sept titled ‘Personal Safety Tips & Advice from Victoria Police’. I must admit that I do check bulletins regularly and I missed this one, as I’m sure plenty of others have.

  3. Mac says:

    Just because you get given a job on a 1, doesn’t mean you have to run lights and sirens. If the driver doesn’t believe it is reasonable that the road rules should not apply, just travel normally! If a job is given on a 2 or a 3, the opposite can occur. If the driver believes it is reasonable that the road rules should not apply, then the lights and sirens can go on. Esta are only a dispatch company. If a driver is tired, swap drivers. If both are tired and get given a job on a 1 but dont feel it is reasonable in the circumstances to breach the road rules then simply, dont!

    • Dead tired says:

      I disagree, Mac. If you are given a case on a code 2 or 3 and believe that it should be upgraded, it is the role of the clinician to do so and you should consult with him/her. You will not have the support of AV if you break the road rules when recorded on a code 2/3 because you decided you would prefer to response on a 1. Similarly, if you are dispatched to a code 1, it is expected that you will respond under emergency conditions – that is, lights and sirens. I concede that it is common to not activate the lights and bells when a job is just around the corner but I wouldn’t like to explain to the coroner that it took longer to get to a job because I read the MDT and decided it sounded like rubbish so didn’t drive code 1 as I was dispatched. I heard a rumour recently that AV is looking to install technology in the trucks which will record when the lights/sirens have been engaged. It might be common practice, but it is certainly not approved or accepted.

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