Spinning the media cycle

Well this has been an interesting week.

On Wednesday, out of the blue the Health Minister had a late afternoon media conference to supposedly offer to equal the offer by Labor at their launch on the weekend.
As seems to be par for the course for him these days, he seems to like this time as it allows him to control the evening news spin by preventing the AEA-V replying.
This is due to the limited time available to get the news footage edited and ready for the early evening bulitens.
Probably why his department usually sends whatever the conference is about while the news conference is on, or more usually after.
It effectively prevents reply as it catches the paramedics union off guard, with no hope of reply by the 6pm news.

On the strength of that the paramedics Union, the AEA sought to have a numbers of meetings to sort outstanding issues.
Many paramedics breathed a sigh of relief as this drama that has been causing so much stress and grief might finally be about to end.

So today he calls a news conference at about quarter past three, and from what I have been told the union was sent a document about the same time.
This document seeks to discredit the AEA by alleging they have put a “new” log of claims.
These include the finish dates of the agreement. Reserve and meal allowances, admin and maintainance officer issues.

I have nothing to say about this, I am stunned by the arrogance and underhandedness of this government.

I simply provide the following document that demonstrates that the AEA has been seeking to address these issues for some time, and indeed as the document demonstrates AV were aware of this many months ago, in this case July/ August.

Either Mr Davis is simply a liar, or he has been misled by either AV or his Department of Health minions.

You know the ones, like Mr Micheal Felles who was sprung writing fictitious documents in an attempt to slander the executive of the AEA

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5 Responses to Spinning the media cycle

  1. Steve Boyle says:

    Time to walk away from these “negotiations” Clearly AV ‘negotiators’ are not prepared to negotiate in good faith and Davis has never done so.

    Roll the dice with the election that is better than getting our hopes up that this will be resolved by Davis.

    I assume many things go on behind the scenes but I wonder if anyone of the AV team have ever stood up for us against Davis to say that what he is doing on is wrong?

  2. Ross says:

    I am stunned that these politicians and Ambulance Victoria can play us like pawns, lie to us and the public with a strait face despite proof to the contrary, and just get away with it. Paramedics are truly in a war, fighting utter oppression from above. It is so wrong on so many levels.

  3. Hi, I was just wanting to enquire what the Graduate Ambulance Paramedic Provision entails?

  4. Scott burns says:

    Yes Steve I agree with you it is time to walk away but I think it is time for all vic ambos to walk away together.

    I know this sounds harsh and it is but I have said this before we will not get anywhere when dealing with cheats and liars.

    What happened on Friday dose not surprise me at all and they will keep doing it, they have done so for the past TWO years.

    We must make a stand and we all know that some will not do it but this will not end and they will keep playing this game of lies for as long as they feel like it.

    We either do this or we take some real industrial action ie no overtime no sig 3 or 4 no logging on. I’m sure this will make those who play this game wake up and take notice.


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