Yes, it is a tragedy

Last week SBS showed a story on paramedic suicide.
As the above image suggests the suicide rate among Victorian paramedics is some twenty times the national suicide rate.

The story was far from complimentary to the way ambulance Victoria manages its staff.
in reply Ambulance Victoria refused to be interviewed on camera, instead electing to provide a statement of the most disgraceful legalese totally devoid of any humanity, or genuine concern for its staff.

Ambulance Victoria then released a bulliten to its staff the following day claiming to have been misquoted and quoted out of context.

If you care to follow the link the full text of Ambulance Victoria’s reply is there for you to read and make your own mind up.

But for me the response to the following question makes the point perfectly.

Does Ambulance Victoria believe that the suicide rate amongst its paramedics is a cause for concern?
“It’s a tragedy whenever anyone in our community takes their own life. The effect it has on their family, friends and colleagues is devastating. Our sympathies and thoughts remain with them.”
“AV recognises the challenging environment that our paramedics operate in and take the health of our staff very seriously.”
“As well as the well-established and high quality support offered through psychological counselling, Peer Support program and Chaplaincy service, we have implemented a confidential, preventative, early intervention program available to all staff statewide.”

What a load of impersonal HR, arse covering rubbish, all while refusing to acknowledge that an organisation with a suicide rate twenty times the national average clearly has a problem.
The one thing all these people have in common it their employment with Ambulance Victoria.

Yes Ambulance Victoria, no matter how hard you try to deflect the issue, no matter how hard you try and confuse the issue, no matter how hard you try to hide the issue, the fact that YOUR staff kill themselves twenty times more often than other Victorians is an absolute bloody tragedy!

This story can be found here, along with the full text of Ambulance Victoria’s reply

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  1. Kylie says:

    Just wondering, what are the suicide rates for paramedics employed in other states, such as South Australia or Queensland? Are they comparable to Victorian Paramedics’ rates?

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