LET US BE VERY CLEAR HERE, you can continue to ignore issues or learn to man up and address them.

These are the words of a wise man, because if you refuse to admit a problem….

Case in point, last Saturday night November 15, nothing special, just another night

No Craigieburn Ambulance, shift dropped
No Seaford Ambulance, another shift dropped
No Chelsea Ambulance, another shift dropped
No Pakenham Ambulance, another shift dropped
No Millburn(Bendigo) ambulance, another shift dropped
No Norlane (Geelong) ambulance, another dropped shift
No Bellarine (Drysdale) ambulance, another shift dropped

Second Horsham car single officer, unable to replace
Dandenong single officer, unable to replace
Sandhurst single officer, unable to replace

And these are only the ones that I am aware of!
The result,

The Paynesville on call car, (they have worked all day and take the ambulance home at night) being dragged into Bairnsdale “for cover” as there were no other ambulances (makes for very long and fatiguing day shift, remember drowsy drivers die)

Lucknow sent to Lakes Entrance.

Sandhurst Single officer having to team up with single MICA responder while waiting for their closest backup to come from Heathcote to a serious crash in Kangaroo Flat

Nudawading being sent from Ringwood to Mernda at about 2330 some 40km away

Dandenong sent to Baxter to back a single responder

But my personal favorite of the night were Bacchus Marsh being sent lights and sirens to Meredith at 0420, as there were no resources available in Ballarat or Geelong. Due to distance and poor road and weather conditions it apparently took them about an hour and forty minutes to arrive.

Let me assure you, this was just another night. Nothing special.
But apparently there is no crisis.
Time to man up AV

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  1. Worried says:

    An interesting thing about the above video is that Greg Sassella (The CEO of Ambulance Victoria) rushes to the side of the Health Minister David Davis to assist him. We all know what Greg’s priority’s are…..

  2. Average Night says:

    Nah, I’m sure it was a ‘time of unprecedented demand’ and they are ‘investigating the delays’. And you, my friend, are nothing but a ‘hard line, left wing unionist’.

  3. Steve Boyle says:

    The Meredith job if it is the one I am thinking of came in as a code 2 and was later upgraded but its true we did not have enough resources. We will never have enough resources to cover workload, rest breaks and end of shift issues as long as we retain the current resource hungry dispatch system and maintain the privatised non-emergency transport.

    There are times when we have not had an available crew between the City and Sorrento and other times the City and Geelong, City and Ballarat etc but we are not able to utilise the non-emerg crews who could be driving right past an arrest because…… actually I don’t know why we can’t other than it’s not in the contract.

    Despite these shortages having been reported it is interesting to note that with all the millions if not billions of dollars being promised during this election I have not heard anyone promise extra funding for more ambulance resources.

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