They can dish it out….


Mr Brett Adie is a long serving paramedic and ex police member around the Bendigo area. He is passionate about the welfare of paramedics and the Public of Victoria, and a great advocate for the health of those who reside in the Loddon Mallee region.

He is a role model for me and someone I am extremely proud to have called a collegue.

A copy of Brett Adie’s letter to the editor of the Bendigo Weekly, dated 22/11/2014.

In the Bendigo Weekly article printed on the 21st of November 2014, headed “Ambos on warpath”, Greg Bickley (the Liberal candidate for Bendigo East) stated that I had been “openly hostile and confrontational on a number of occasions” to him and members of the government.

This is something that I do not apoligise for. The Liberal Government have been hostile towards paramedics throughout these negotiations and have gone as far as printing lies (at taxpayer expense) and mis-representing individual paramedics (including myself) over the last 2 years. The approach taken by this government has been to attempt to discredit paramedics at every opportunity rather than negotiate in good faith. Their conduct has incensed paramedics and has caused a lot of angst towards this government. In addition, paramedics see every day the lives of Bendigo people being put at risk by the failings of the ambulance system. We see first-hand the consequence of the response times blowing out under this government. So as a representative of frustrated Bendigo paramedics and as a member of the Bendigo community I make no apologies for making members of the Liberal Party feel uncomfortable during their visits to Bendigo. I suspect it is nowhere near as uncomfortable as it is for the 90 year old man waiting on the floor for over 2 hours for an ambulance. Or for the family of the 70 year old man who is fighting for breath whilst waiting for an ambulance from 45 kilometres away.

For you, Mr Bickley, to state on ABC radio on the 18th of November 2014 that you do not want to politicise the ambulance issues almost defies belief. How is it not a political issue when the Health Minister, David Davis has made the negotiations political from the outset? How is it not a political issue when people’s lives are being put at risk by the state funded ambulance system? Furthermore anyone who wants to be a representative of the people of Bendigo should be prepared to discuss the local issues, regardless of their political persuasion and whether they like what they are going to hear or not.

It is a shame, Mr Bickley, that we do not see the same level of representation and passion from you when it comes to the issues that directly affect the health of the Bendigo community. Instead we see a man who refuses to acknowledge the failings of ambulance in Bendigo and hides in the shadows of Napthine, Davis and co. when they come to town.

I am proud to be a member of the Ambulance Employees Association and to be a representative for my colleagues and I will always stand up for the people of Bendigo when they are being put at risk by politicians and bureaucrats.

How about you Mr Bickley?

Brett Adie
AEA State Councillor – Loddon Mallee

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3 Responses to They can dish it out….

  1. Jim Hall says:

    Well written

  2. Sharon & Simon says:

    Our unappreciated, underpaid paramedics, need all the support they can get. My Mother recently had cause to use need to the ambulance service in a critical life threatening emergency. Th3ey could not have been more wonderful, as they have been in all my dealings with them. How they manage to continue to be cheerful doing such a thankless job is beyond me. The Victorian (& Australian) public should have their full support in their pay dispute, as the state government obviously don’t even believe it is diserving to rate a mention in current election campaigns.

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