When does this stop?

This is a reprint of a plea by a grieving Victorian on Facebook today, I don’t think it needs any explanation.

I’m not normally a politically passionate person… but we have a state election looming and I’m sitting here with a postal vote to complete, and I want my vote to count for something real, and important, and right now, something VERY close to my heart.

I want to know WHO will make getting more ambulances manned and back on the roads their #1 priority, WHO will stick by that promise and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

My Dad fell seriously ill Saturday night before last… he was rushed to Sale Regional Hospital where he was diagnosed with a “leaking blood vessel into his Kidney”; he needed emergency surgery to repair it and he needed to go to St Vincent’s in Melbourne [3 hours drive away] for that. Air ambulance would have been the most desirable option, but was grounded due to bad weather.

He waited ALL NIGHT for an ambulance to transport him, as there were none available. It was 5.30am before they finally got a normal ambulance from La Trobe Regional to collect him, take him as far as Traralgon, transfer him to a MICA unit from Melbourne to continue the rest of the trip. By the time they transferred him, his blood pressure was dangerously low and their concern was he would not make it as far as St Vincent’s, so they diverted to a waiting bed and surgeon at Dandenong. By the time he reached Dandenong, his blood pressure had dropped past the point where they could safely perform the surgery to save him, and so he died.

I’m now left without my Dad… but with the burning question that will never be answered… If they got him there in a reasonable time, maybe they could have saved him… maybe not.

How many other people does this happen to?
How many people will it have to happen to before they fix this?
This is not just a number in a list of statistics…
This is now a big hole in my family that absolutely nothing can fill…
This is my Dad.

To all of you standing for election… give me reason to vote for you.
To earn my vote; spare me the pseudo sympathy, the hollow condolences,
just fix it…. so nobody else has to ask this question again.
Show some respect for my Dad…

just keep your promise, put your money where your mouth is… and FIX IT!

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