Admit it


imageAnother thought bubble from a paramedic, and no Messrs. Napthine, Davis and Sassella this brave paramedic who has stood up to your thuggery will not go away. I sincerely hope she haunts all your dreams for years to come.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if in the heat of an election that will effect every Victorian one way or another the politicians put down their propaganda, their attacks on opponents and interest groups, their vilification of individuals and their ego for just one brief moment became honest with us all.

The liberal government don’t really think that the AEAV is organised thuggery otherwise they would be under investigation in a similar vein to the CFMEU. The don’t believe the CFMEU is a criminal organisation as they have been bleating about lately. If they thought the CFMEU were crooks they would charge them not just have the word “allegedly” added to every reference.

There is no doubt in my mind that the dispute with the AEAV was seen as a way the current government could take a small (probably thought easy to manage) union and drag out a dispute to the point of ridiculous in order to have a controllable union that they could hang out at election time.

So please do not insult Victorians any more with your accusations of us being union stooges or lefties that bitch about their work. Next week you will have a very happy workplace with Ambulance Victoria should Saturdays result go as planned.

Just admit Mr Liberal, you don’t give a shit about the ambulance crisis, in fact you probably wouldn’t give a shit about an ambulance services not in crisis all you would give a shit about is if there is a crisis or not you can someway spin it to look like you have the “secret” but you did need a union or two that you could attack through the election.

Paramedics are sick, injured and tragically dead and while there may be many reasons contributing, there is the core belief that the government does not support ambulance and the frustrating thing is that paramedics and families of patients are the ones who are creating good outcomes.

This is in spite of your government not because of your government.

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