He will try and spin anything



From the ABC ONLINE article about Vi Hooker’s husband…….there is this comment attributed to the soon to be ex-HeAlth Minister David Davis, “He said the number of MICA paramedics had been increased at Bairnsdale and Sale”.
This is just not true!
Yes there is now a MICA single responder unit at each of these locations but the staff have just come from MICA officers who already worked in either those places or the immediate surrounding area.
Does this equate to more MICA officers for Bairnsdale and Sale, no it does not.
Further the MICA single responders only work day/early evening shifts which means no MICA coverage at night from these single responder resources.
Prior to the introduction of these single responder resource the MICA staff who now man these single responder resources all worked on 24 hr resources in the area which were manned by a mix of MICA and ALS officers. Back then you had 24 hr coverage.
This is just the sort of political smoke and mirrors that politicians use to distort the real truth and facts.
Sadly for Vi Hooker it does not change the fact her loved one is now gone and it could have been contributed to because someone let their ego and political ambition get in the way of keeping in place what was a better system.

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  1. Jim Hall says:

    We home Daniel Andrews follows through on his rhetoric and really does fix the problem.

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