That’s the trouble with cracking a nut with a sledge hammer


Well news comes today that Ambulance Victoria Employee Relations did not think it through properly when they dragged paramedics in and threatened them with disciplinary action and/or dismissal last week.
They demanded that the paramedics not wear their uniforms out of work hours, or face the consequences.
So paramedics and their union gave undertakings to a Justice of the Federal Court that this would not occur again.
Trouble now, is many paramedics are so concerned about the heavy handed bullying and intimidation of its staff that they are now afraid to wear their uniforms to and from work.
I mean they have been required to give an undertaking to a judge that they won’t.
So they commit the aggregious sin of requiring a few minutes at the start and end of their shift to change.

And what is AV’s response to thier concern, another campaign of harassment and intimidation of individual staff, rather than talk to the union, or write letters to staff exempting them from the restriction going to and from work and running it by the judge that they required them to give an undertaking to only seven days ago to make sure their employees would not be in contempt.

No they have delegated managers to bully and intimidate individuals again.

It is only a Union directive not to wear uniform out of hours because that is what Ambulance Victoria demanded they undertake to a Justice of the Federal Court.

If they did not think it through why bully the poor bloody staff.

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