Industrial Warriors give me a headache


As readers of this blog will be aware ambulance is one of the most dangerous jobs there is.
They are one of the, if not the highest lost time injury industries in the country.
They have an astoundingly high suicide and mental health injury rate.

Given this you would think that occupational health and safety would be paramount, a win win for all. Less injury for paramedics, less cost for the services and just the right thing to do.

Then come the industrial warriors with their hard line, extreme right wing industrial agenda.
Management has a right to manage how they see fit, and woe betide any little upstart who wants to introduce change.

On the north coast of NSW, there is only one Health and Safety Rep (HSR).That’s right, only one for the whole North coast.
The HSR concerned wishes to recruit more, and so they try to recruit more.

I would have thought this would have been a commendable action but apparently not.
For their trouble the HSR was summoned to attend an “attack PIP” session.

What is a PIP you ask? Read this link for this little cherub that the hard line extreme right wing industrial relations warriors have imported from the U.S.

Well as it would happen the meeting by the brave and courageous industrial warriors was cancelled when a number of paramedics also attended to support their representative.

It was then demanded that this “attack PIP” be withdrawn immediately, and some minor industrial actions were placed to apply pressure on ASNSW.

ASNSW industrial warriors would not enter into discussion with the employee or their representative rushing off to lawyers and the courts seeking orders to stop the actions being taken to try and get them to talk to their employees.

Then in a move straight out of Fawlty Towers, they used the excuse of the court action to further refuse to engage with thier on road staff.

Finally some common sense prevailed and after attending the IRC, the “attack PIP” has been withdrawn.
In addition to this the author has been told that their is to be an independent investigation into the issuing of the “attack PIP”.

Regardless of how this turned out, this does not remove the stress and pressure placed by ASNSW on the HSR, and further reinforces a culture of bullying and management by fear that seems to pervade the organisation.

These paramedics are always there when we need them, we need to stand with them in their desire to look after us.

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