A Caring Profession?



As laid out at the above link,
Pam’s employer have terminated her employment, as she has been unable to work for three months due to receiving treatment for breast cancer.
It doesn’t cost her employer National Patient Transport anything, as a casual she has no entitlement to sick leave.
She has taken care of this with her own income protection.
So she doesn’t want a cent off them, just the right to return to work when she is better.

But no, they have thrown her to the kerb.

Who are they?

One of Ambulance Victoria’s larger non emergency contractors.
Come on guys, hiding behind a contract arrangement is an act of a coward.
And Tony, I know you are not that.
Make a call in the name of decency will you.

Everyone else, please sign and share the following petition



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3 Responses to A Caring Profession?

  1. MCCOY 8064 (Ret'd) says:

    Sadly, I’ve heard the lamentation, “But we work in a caring profession, Why is this happening?”
    The short answer is: We serve the patient for an employer!
    If you had an Educated Management with Degrees in Business, rather than degrees of Arseholery….the tangible Intellectual Property of Staff changes face.
    We’re expecting conscionable conduct, from a company that has, without awareness, has a huge knowledge bank in its staff.
    I worked many casual jobs, had a lot of fun, while I looked for what I wanted.
    But, one needed to be ready to take a hit.
    Pam was working over FT: If she was of limited value, would she have been given this workload?
    One would hope a serious advocate could be found, to not only rectify, but embarrass to ensure a future. A FT Pos’ n out of honour & silence?
    Let us hope.
    Pam is sadly, Number 1!
    Wishing her Wellness soonest!

    • Dear McCoy 8064 ( ret’d ),

      Thank you for your powerful words of support, so appreciated my friend.

      It suited NPT to have me as a Casual employee.
      I tried on several occasions for a full time position, to no avail.
      Even around the time of my cancer diagnosis, I went for an interview and once again rejected.
      I was just “used” to suit their needs, along with many others.
      A sad state of affairs, for Managers to be claiming their private ambulance company is one of the best, but can’t respect, look after, nor be loyal to their own experienced staff.
      I rest my case.

      Pam Brunswick.

  2. Dear “Disposable Asset”, Colleagues, Family, Friends and Supporters of my “cause,”

    I thank you for this overwhelming response to help me get my job back.
    I love caring for others and after having a Breast Cancer treatment and recently being a patient myself, I know this experience, will make me an even better Health Professional than before.
    I am very “humbled” by everyone’s kind words and support,
    Thank You All .

    Pam Brunswick

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