London Calling: High Demand for Aussie Ambos

University of Brighton Photo : Andy Weekes

London is calling and Australian paramedics are answering in droves.

Four hundred Australian paramedics have already relocated to the UK after finding employment through recruitment agencies.

London Ambulance Service are heading down under hoping to incite another 200 experienced paramedics to make the move from Melbourne and Sydney for the security of full-time work.

With incredibly high standards of education and recruiting processes in Australia, our state ambos have gained a reputation as some of the best in the business and are in high demand all over the world.

Due to a current skills shortage in the UK, London recruiters are looking to Australian paramedics to fill the numbers as the demands increase.

Melbourne and Sydney are currently the place to be discovered as a paramedic, due to the high volume of medics currently in training and ready to work. The high training standards and and quality of education have left these cities with a worldwide reputation that is second to none.

-Lukas Hawkes-Frost/ London Ambulance Service

“The quality of the Australian education system in terms of the paramedics they produce, have a very high level of professionalism and have been a real asset to London Ambulance Service.”

It is a one in a lifetime opportunity to work in the UK and travel Europe with a local home base.

Of course, while Britain’s gain is Australia’s loss, it is a situation that Australian authorities are aware of.

Comm. David Dutton/ NSW Ambulance Service

“Ourselves and London are in a healthy competition at the moment to ensure we get the best paramedics”

So what does this mean for Aussies planning on staying down under?

Employment opportunities in the next few years within the paramedical and health care industries will be booming as the shortage of paramedics abroad filters through to our services.

Recently released data shows that the industry requires an 18% increase
in the workforce to meet the growing demand in Australia. With fierce competition there couldn’t be a better time to up-skill and begin a career in paramedicine.

This post was written by Paramedicine Online.

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3 Responses to London Calling: High Demand for Aussie Ambos

  1. Iworkedthebronx-nowretiredtothetrees says:

    But let’s remember why there is so many vacancies in London! They quit en mass due to fatigue , mismanagement and bullying! Our young university graduates are heading overseas to gain experience knowing that in Victoria at least it’s the only way they will gain employment back here in the future , but at what cost? Has London changed its ways that much? And does Ambulance Victoria plan on employing those from London who may have been moulded In an environment that says, yes sir , no sir, three bags full sir?? Yes I’m cynical but so are most after fifteen years working in the Victorian ambulance service.

  2. Chris Mills says:

    Your photo of 3 student paramedics at the top of the page, they are from South East Coast Ambulance Service, not London Ambulance Service…

    Also LAS has recently gone into ‘special measures’…

    • David Storer says:

      Great, what a perfect opportunity for LAS to pick up their game.

      Hopefully Dr Moore can continue to improve performance and boost staff morale with the new strategies she has implemented.

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