Not good enough!!!!


Last night one of Queensland’s paramedics was disgracefully assaulted in the back of an ambulance by a patient on the way to hospital on the Gold Coast. As you can see from these photos it was a vicious attack that has left a dedicated paramedic – who spends his life helping and caring for others – with significant facial injuries. We are seething about this disgusting anti-social behaviour, which is becoming more common in our community.

Unfortunately this is happening increasingly more often in all states, and apart from injuries to paramedics it means the public has to wait longer for an ambulance as paramedics wait for police backup before attending a job, or because as in this case there is now one less ambulance on the road to attend in the first place.

Not to mention the effects on paramedics and their families, as outlined in this interview.

We will not tolerate paramedics being attacked and we promise anyone who tries it will feel the full force of the law. But we need you to help by raising awareness about this issue and denouncing violence against paramedics, health workers, emergency services personnel and in fact, ANYONE in our community. It is not acceptable in a modern civilised society and it needs to stop.


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2 Responses to Not good enough!!!!

  1. Jim Hall says:

    Totally unacceptable.

  2. Helen K says:

    What is worse is I have just heard this scum bag has been released on bail so he can attend his mothers funeral, (apparently he was so distraught hearing his mother had committed suicide and that is the reason he lashed out!)
    I don’t really care about the reason why he decided to take his agression and frustration out on a paramedic that was only trying to help him, but the legal system giving him bail is just another slap in the face to our emergency services men & women! Enough is enough!!

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