Are we going backwards?

Remember the change of government and all the nice promises of looking after their staff and being more people oriented instead of the target obsessed dehumanising organisation it had been for some years.

I do have to give the new management their due, they made a good start with initiatives to try and reduce forced overtime, and introduce some roster flexibility into the job.

Without this it made it nearly impossible for paramedics to fulfil their parental responsibilities, maintain any sort of work life balance, when as a matter of course ten hour shifts turned into at times fourteen and fifteen hour shifts, and the fourteen hour night shifts semi regularly turning into sixteen to eighteen hour shifts.

But things had been getting better, people were getting away on time more often, this made them happier and meant they were getting far less fatigued.

Now as an initiative to reduce response times the organisation has introduced dispatch changes in an attempt to reduce Code 1 response times, in part by reducing code 1 (lights and sirens) responses.

Now it seems to be all about the targets again.

Word has it that a Duty Manager (controls ambulances in the control room) has been disciplined by his superiors with a warning letter being placed in their personnel file. The great offence that this Duty Manager has committed?

They had the audacity to try and get a crew home after the completion of their shift, instead of blindly following the “computer says.”

It seems AV are blindly following targets again instead of looking after their staff.

Bugger it

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