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About the Talkfest Forum
Australia-Wide forum for Paramedics and Non-Emergency Patient Transport Officers (including students)
Currenty there are 1,000+ members and over 18,000 posts on more than 1,200 topics
Posts on the forum are only visible once membership is granted

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About the Fair-Go Blog
Is a way for all paramedics to inform the public, media and the goverment about their concerns in regard to Public Safety and Paramedic Working conditions

Posts on the blog are visible to anyone, and membership is not required!

Paramedics who wish to contribute to the BLOG should first join the TALKFEST forum

Login Issues

Using the Forum

About your Profile

Want more FAQ's?

Login Issues

I have registered but when I try to Login, I cant any topics or posts... Why?

The only condition of entry to the forum, is that you let "forum admin" know your real name and contact details.
(used only for validation. You can remain annonymous to all members if you like).

The reason for this, is because members want to feel safe and not be concerned about 'bogus' members.

If you have registered, but missed the automatic email, asking for the above details (it can get lost in junk mail), just send an email the forum administrator at: john@fair-go.com with the following:

1. Your email address (the one you registered with)
2. Your Real Name
3. Your contact details (Phone number and place of work i.e. Branch or Uni if you are a student paramedic)

As soon as this has been received, admin will OK your membership and you can login.

You can use any name you want on the forum, "real name" or "nickname", to display, and you can change this 'display name' at any time in your profile settings (but you will always login with your registered 'email address' and your 'password').

Why can't I see any of the forum "Boards", "Topics" or "Posts"?

The reason you can't see any of the usual contents of the forum is because:

  • You have not registered, or
  • you are a member but have not logged on, or
  • you have just logged off. Use the "Login" Or "Register" Links at the top of this page.

How can I Reset or Retrieve my Password/Username?

Some members, trying to log back onto the AV Talkfest forum have contacted me to because they have forgotten their "Username" and/or "Password".

Here is what you should do if this happens.

Click on this link : http://www.fair-go.com/talkfest/index.php?action=reminder

Here, you can enter the email address you registered with or your Username (if you just forgot your password).

You will then be sent a new (randomly generated password) to your registered email address. Once you have that email, you can use the temporary password to log onto the forum, where you can change it to a password of your choice. To do this, 1st select "Profile" from the top menu bar, then select "Account Related Settings" from the sub-menu on the Profile Page.

Some members may have set up (in Account Related Setting) a secret question. In this case, you can retrieve your password by supplying either your Username or Email address and select the 'check-box' from the link above. In this way you don't have to have your password reset.

If you can't remember the email address or username you registered with, just drop me a line at: john@fair-go.com and give me some clues as to what your username may be or your registered email address and I'll search for it and sent you an email with the details you need to log in.

Using the Forum

What are the Boards, Topics and Posts and how do I use them?

Sometimes referred to as threads, topics/subjects are where you find the actual messages, posts are the initial topic plus any responses to the topic:

Talkfest (forum level)
>>> State Name 
<<< (State level) 
                   > Board Name (e.g. Clinical) 
                             > Sub Board Name (e.g. General Clinical Issues)
                                       > Topic/Subject (e.g. what you want to say)

Depending on where you are in the forum you will see some of the following links:

  • navigation tree, shows where you are and can be used to got back up the tree
  • The Reply button enables you to reply to the topic.
  • The Notify button enables you to be "nontified" of any new topic or replies to the topic.
  • The Mark Unread button enables registered members to mark the topic as 'unread'.
  • The Send Topic button enables registered members to send a link to the topic by email.
  • The Print button creates a simplified, printer-friendly rendering of the page.
  • The author name links to the author's profile
  • The author details in the lefthand column may be accompanied by further personal information.
  • The topic subject links back to the start of the topic.
  • The Quote button enables you to quote the post.
  • Further Modify and Delete options are provided to enable you to edit your posts.
  • Report to moderator enables you to report abusive or wrongly-placed posts to the forum staff.
  • Logged indicates that the IP of the author has been logged. The actual IP is only available to board administrators
  • The Jump to menu provides a convenient quick method of navigating the forum.

How can I insert web links without displaying the full ink addess?

This forum like most others, uses BBC (Bulletin Board Code) to display formating, and the format for a url links is:

[url]web address[/url] (the only problem is the full address is shown and may take several ines and become broken and unsuable

To hide the actual address and just display the link name, use the following format but without any spaces:

[url    =    http://www.google.com.au   ]  this is a link to google   [/url]

Which becomes:

[url=http://www.google.com.au]this is a link to google[/url]

And is displayed in the post like this:

this is a link to google

Naturally it is better to copy and page long addresses into the right part of the above url script.


How can I include a photo in my post or attach a document?

In the "New Topic", Post Reply or "Modify Message" screen, click on the aditional options... link under the message edit area.

Then click on "browse" to locate the picture on your PC, then either repeat these steps or "save" to load the pictures to your post.

You can remove the pictures by selecting the link below each photo or document in the post.

About your Profile

What is the "Ultimate Profile"?

This is just an enhancement of the regular forum profile, which alows you to add more detail about yourself if you wish to.

Just click on the "Profile" lnik on the top menu-bar to see what others see in your profile. Not that you will alway be able to see your own email address even if you select it to be hidden from others

Can I hide my email address?


Yes, go to your profile as above or in the Your Ultimate Profile box in the left menu of the home page.

Then select, "Account Related Settings" at the bottom of the page, where you can elect to hide youe email address.

Can I hide my on-line status?


Yes, you can do this on the same page as hiding your email address. But if you are not visible on-line, others who may want to chat with you, can't see you to send you an invitation.


Can I change my Display Name?

Yes, as above again, but please suffix your Display name with your State, i.e, bomber dude (VIC) to make it easier for others to see what State you are in.

Can I add one of those Avatars or a small photo which others see next to me posting?

Yes, it make the posting more personal. In your profile (as above) select: Forum Profile Information to Select a personal photo (avatar) or your own photo.

How do I add more photos to my profile?

In your provile (as above again..) select Show Pictures from the bottom menu and then click on the "add piture" link to add your photos. You can also add albums by clicking on the link to the right of the add pictures lnk.

Want more FAQ's?

Please email me any questions you'd like answered on here at: john@fair-go.com

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